About Commex International

Commex International’s expertise is in the trading of bulk agricultural commodities. Our aim is to become a valuable part of your business where we are very keen to develop new trading partners, while continuing to cultivate the valuable trade partnerships we have already established. The expert traders at Commex International understand that a successful commodity trade involves a COMMODITY a QUALITY at the right PRICE to a desired LOCATION at a specified TIME in the right MARKET.

Successful Commodity Trade


Our strength lies in our ability to source and sell commodities worldwide with the help of our affiliated offices all over the globe and our experienced staff.


We pride ourselves on delivering what we promise as integrity is the backbone of successful international trade. To ensure this, we certify all our shipments with internationally recognised 3rd party inspection services as standard in all our shipments.


All of the efficiencies at work at Commex International are to ensure we can provide our customers with the best price in any market always seeking to source stock from the primary supply as a principle and the best freight rates


Our vast network of shipping companies and freight suppliers enable us to reach all corners of the globe. We have also become experts at the logistics involved with land and ocean shipments and will arrange for the movement of the product so that you can focus on your own business and customers.


We understand that logistics is at the core of the commodity trade where we will always look for the fastest and most efficient way to move tonnage. The efficient movement of stock increases the efficiency of your trading operation and in this regard you can consider Commex International as a part of your logistics team.


World trade commodity markets are constantly changing. We are in tune with the trends, keep our clients informed of them and adapt the way we source product in response to these changes. We are a solutions based organization whose business is built on our trading partner’s continued trust and support.

Unveiling Excellence in Agricultural Export

Welcome to Commex International, where we take pride in playing a pivotal role in maintaining Australia’s prestigious standing as one of the world’s foremost agricultural hubs. In the vast expanse of global farming, Australia shines for its exceptional agricultural products. At Commex International, we strategically tap into exporting opportunities, harnessing the inherent advantages of the Australian landscape to emerge as a key player in the industry.

Our Philosophy: Your Growth, Our Business

Guided by a simple philosophy, we believe that the growth of our business is intricately tied to the success of our customers. By fostering and supporting our customers, we champion the cause of our network of growers, creating a symbiotic relationship that stands the test of time. Our clientele predominantly comprises importers of pulses and grains from various corners of the globe.

Evolving from a Single Customer to Global Reach

What commenced with a single customer over 16 years ago has evolved into a robust network of tens of key business customers spanning Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. A cornerstone of our success lies in being a trusted partner. We’ve earned our reputation by delivering reliable services and offering competitive commodity prices. This commitment has enabled us to cultivate unwavering customer loyalty and a resilient network of growers, even in the face of challenging times.

Overcoming Challenges, Achieving Milestones

Throughout our journey, we’ve encountered and overcome numerous obstacles, enduring seasons of drought and floods, navigating disruptions caused by COVID-19 in the supply chain, and facing the impacts of geopolitical instability in Eastern Europe. These challenges have only strengthened our resilience in a volatile industry.

Recognition and Commitment to Excellence

As we dedicate ourselves to serving our customers and addressing the needs of our growers, our focus remains on elevating Commex International operations both domestically and internationally. Our unwavering commitment to exceptional service and ensuring the success of our customers and growers has garnered recognition. Commex International proudly qualified as a Finalist in the export award competition at both the state and national levels.
Feel free to contact us at Commex International to become one of our valued customers or growers. Join us in a legacy where excellence, reliability, and customer success converge to create a thriving presence in the agricultural export industry.